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Dr. C.W. Edmondson, D.D.S.

For many years Dr. Edmondson’s practice has been focused on cosmetic and family dentistry. Dedicated to learning and providing his patients with the latest in advanced dental procedures and techniques, Dr. Edmondson has completed hundreds on continuing education credit hours, including a comprehensive hands-on dental implant course that focused on the latest advancements in dental implants, sinus lifts, and bone preservation surgeries. Moreover, Dr. Edmondson, has earned a certificate of completion in Short Term Orthodontics, now providing his patients with the opportunity to have beautiful and straighter teeth in about six month with a nearly invisible braces solution. Dr. Edmondson, having served as an active duty U.S. Marine Corps sergeant for six years and an U.S. Navy dental corps lieutenant for four years, he salutes all military veterans for their service.